Why this blog

Hi! Welcome to my blog, my name is Ursula Rodriguez and I’m a homeschool mama to 4 amazing and creative kids. I’m a blessed and grateful wife, and I am happy you are here visiting my blog.

Some time ago (about 6 years ago), I had the desire to start a blog and I almost did, I created an account with WordPress and that was it.  I got busier, had my 4th child, and was homeschooling my kids. Time passed, things changed and I forgot about it (fear had a little bit of blame too, which I will talk in future posts).  Recently I was talking with a friend of mine who creates websites for companies and after having a good conversation about what she does and our homeschool lives, I thought maybe I should start my blog.   So with a little bit of her knowledge and help I was able to customized my blog and now here I am, writing my second post!!

The reason I wanted start my blog 6 years ago and now are the same. I wanted a blog because I wanted to share my walk with Christ in everything I do, my walk as a mom and homemaker, the books I read and the books I read to my children, my homeschooling adventures, the love for creating things with my hands and to document my days as a stay at home mom. I want to humbly be an inspiration to women and be inspired by them too. My life is not perfect, my kids are not perfect, my house is not perfect, and it is not about sharing perfection because I am not perfect, I need God everyday of my life. My life is centered in Christ because He is perfect.

My dreams are many but my true passion is to share the love and grace of God through this blog. I hope you enjoy being here.

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4 thoughts on “Why this blog

  1. My dear friend, I am so excited about this blog, you will shine the light of Jesus just like you do in my life, I love you and wish you the best in your business and your blog, you are a very sweet and special friend, my sister in Christ! 😘

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