He makes me brave

God was taking care of me when I wasn’t.

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since I had a hysterectomy.  My surgery went great without complications, I had a total hysterectomy, removing everything except one ovary which I need to keep me from going into early menopause.  The reason why the doctors and I decided to have this type of surgery was due to the many fibroids I had in my uterus (non-cancerous) and endometriosis.  They were giving me too many health problems to the point of becoming anemic and almost passing out.  During surgery a pathology test was done and doctors found no cancer which was a huge relieve for me and my family.  My recovery is going well and very slow, still with pain but better than the first week, it will take me about six weeks to be back to normal if only of course I follow exact orders from doctor.  I am beyond thankful for my family and friends, especially husband and mom who are taking care of me and making sure I do nothing around the house.

I had fibroids for 6 years which I knew about it and endometriosis for at least 10 years the doctors said. I didn’t know about it! until MRI showed how bad it was. No wonder every time I had my period I wished I never had it again. I really wished for menopause. I hated it so much for the pain and weakness I felt. I was too busy to go to the doctor. I didn’t have time for me! But you now what? God interrupted my life and said no more, so in July of this year my husband took me to ER, my hemoglobin was low to the point of almost passing out! I was loosing a lot of blood every time I had my period.  I was so scared I felt my body was going to fall and I had no control of it.

From then on doctors took care of me with such a special love that I will never forget how blessed I was.

God took me through this whole process holding my hand. I really felt his love and presence every step of the way. Through the prayers from my family, my church, and friends, in every blood work, ultra sound, MRI, doctor, nurse and even office staff, I felt His care and love.

If you are like me and feel there’s something not right, not normal in your body, don’t postpone it anymore or make excuses like me, please make time to see your doctor, take care of you! Our health is so important so we can take care of our family and others.  I learned so much from this. But one thing that I learned the most was to be GREATFUL.

Please keep me in your prayers as I recover from surgery. I can’t wait to be all better!!

6 thoughts on “He makes me brave

  1. Amiguita! Que increíble lo que has pasado. Hermoso saber que nuestra vida está en manos de nuestro padre amado y que tuvo cuidado de ti de esa manera. Te mando un abrazo con mucho cariño y estoy orando por ti.

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  2. Get well soon!
    I too am recovering from surgery and am grateful for Divine care. The allergy I had post-operatively was worse than the operation. I think I reacted to the surgical glue.

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    1. Thank you, I think the worst part about my recovery was eating normal again. My stomach was too sensitive after surgery. Hope you get better soon!

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