About Me

Hi, I’m Ursula.

I’m Ursula Rodriguez, the owner and designer of Lana and Lino. For as long as I can remember, I have been surrounded by bright colors, knitting needles and crochet hooks, wool and beautiful woven textiles. Something you’ll see shine through when you purchase one of my pieces.

Being born in Peru means that traditional methods of working with beautiful organic alpaca and merino wool are a big influence in my life.  A passion for creating handmade items are deeply rooted in my heart. That’s what I bring to your home decor: tradition, organic materials, and heart.

When you buy one of my handmade designs, you’ll be getting something special. Something authentic. You’ll feel how my brand stands for honesty, kindness, and respect when you become my customer. You’ll feel these values during every step of your experience with Lana and Lino. Why don’t you visit my shop? I’d love to have you!

Made with Love,


“I love my new earrings! They are lightweight, good quality, and comfortable. Very cute!” – Patty, Etsy buyer