It’s been a while since my last post, life keeps getting in my way with less time to write. But I’m back, with tons of things to talk about!

Let me share some of the things that were happening a few months ago. You know that one of the biggest job as parents is to make decisions for our children. Years ago we made the decision to home school our children. Why? because we enjoy the freedom it brings. We choose a curriculum that best fits our family, we travel to places pretty much whenever we want for as long as we want to and of course we can have a pajama day every day! ha! maybe not everyday.

We know each home school family is different and faces year by year decisions whether to keep homeschooling or not, through high school or not, Same for us we take it year by year praying to God to lead us in this journey of parenting and decision-making,  but as the kids get older we face new challenges.  High school is a point where we stop and think about whether we continue educating our children at home or not.  We reached that decision-making point with our oldest daughter this year. We can’t believe she is a young woman! High school seemed so far away, I kept telling others:  no I am not thinking that far ahead; but it’s here and let me tell you that yes! Last week she started attending a private christian school close to our house and we are exited about it!! No more home schooling for her, bitter-sweet, but we trust in the Lord she will be the light wherever she goes. She will face new challenges and we are ready for them. As for the rest of my kids, they will still be home school, we will be limited to travel whenever we want during the school year but we can still enjoy the curriculum we use and have pajama day.

I’m sure we all face decisions to make in the education of our children. Whether you home school or not, I will say to you trust in the Lord. Homeschooling is not meant to shelter your kids from the world, and sending them to school is not meant for you to let your guard down against the devil either, you need to be more involve with your children and pray for and with your kids. Yes home schooling give us the freedom and the convenience of being right there with them, to guide them in the world, taking real life opportunities to teach them, but we shouldn’t let our guard downs either.

I praise you either way brave parents! who take the challenge to homeschool or to take the challenge to send them to school. God sees both of you and he made the promise that you and your house will be saved.

Now, who says life is easy, this year has definitely been adventurous and fun!

How about you? Do you home school your children and take it one year at a time? or Do you know for sure you will homeschool your children through high school? or even college? Do they go to a school?


P.S. I will share something too, all the things I had to do to register her for school, oh my!! if you are not used to, like me, it can be overwhelming: School physical, up-to-date immunizations, school transcript (made by me since I was the school), letters of recommendations, placement test and an interview with the school.